Estatic Fear Tribute

A crowdfunding campaign is underway for the release of an Estatic Fear tribute album titled “With Solemn Hope Imbued”. The release will be a 2 CD album featuring 17 bands from around the world. This release is endorsed by Matthias Kogler, the original Estatic Fear’s lineup and CCP Records.

As Autumn Calls has contributed to this release with the song “Chapter II”.

February Update (2020)

New album continues to evolve. We have the music for 9 songs written and lyrics for about 27 songs. We are recording some demos of the 9 songs to experiment with sounds, tones, vocals and production quality. We expect each song to continue to evolve and by the time we hit the studio to record the album it is likely they will sound a lot different from the original versions.

The album cover and album design concept have been chosen and is currently being created by the man behind all of our album artwork.

We were attempting a 2020 release date but we’ve decided to take some extra time to ensure we get everything just right. So it will more likely be a 2021 release.

Andrew Ilves

Andrew Ilves

Lead Guitars & Clean Vocals

Member: 2005 – Present
Gear: PRS Custom 24, Agile Septor Elite, Martin 000-16RGT

James Hawkins

James Hawkins

Bass & Growls

Member: 2005 – Present
Gear: Dean Vendetta 5, Schecter Stiletto Extreme, Ibanez Acoustic Bass

Brendan Peacock

Brendan Peacock


Member: 2011 – Present
Gear: Schecter Blackjack ATX C7, Ibanez Custom

Pat Fletcher

Pat Fletcher


Member: 2018 – Present
Gear: Pearl Kit


As Autumn Calls is a death/doom metal band from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The band was formed in 2005 by Andrew Ilves and James Hawkins. The band name As Autumn Calls was taken from the Estatic Fear song found on the “’Somnium Obmutum” album. Between 2005 and 2008 the duo wrote and recorded “An Autumn Departure”  but the desicion was made to put the album on hold and focus on new material.

In December 2009 Andrew and James released a three song EP titled “Emotionless”.  The release of  “Emotionless” slowly gained the band some attention in the underground doom metal scene and in 2010 the band signed with German label Naturmacht Productions.  Darren Favot joined the band as a full time drummer and the guys began work on re-recording the unreleased “An Autumn Departure” album.  The updated version of “An Autumn Departure” was released in May 2011 by Naturmacht Productions with a cassette version released by The Northern Cold Productions.

Brendan Peacock joined the band as a second guitarist in 2011 and for the first time As Autumn Calls featured a full line-up. With this new line-up in place the guys began work on their second full length release “Cold, Black & Everlasting”. The album is an expansion on the theme and concepts of 2009’s “Emotionless” EP. As with the EP the songs on “Cold, Black & Everlasting” flow together musically and lyrically to tell a story of the constant, internal struggle to find peace and contentment in life. “Cold, Black & Everlasting” was released in October 2013 through Naturmacht Production’s newly formed doom metal sub label Rain Without End Records.

In October 2017 the band released “Resignation” through Russian label Frozen Light. Resignation is a rework of the “Emotionless EP” featuring two previously unreleased songs. After the release, Darren Favot left the band for personal reasons and was briefly replaced by long-term friend of the band, Pat Fletcher. Pat recorded drums for the cover of Estatic Fear’s Chapter II but has since left the band. As Autumn Calls is currently working on a new full length album and aiming for a 2021 release. 

Past Members

Darren Favot

(2010 – 2017)
Drums, Keys & Cello


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